Discover how the natural forces of FengShui can work for you in maximizing wealth, health and harmonious living.

The basic premise of FengShui (or Geomancy in English) is that one’s environment influences one’s life and it has a profound history of some
5,000 years in China. It is an ancient Chinese art which prescribes the way of harmonious living in our physical environment with the forces of nature surrounding us. To be exact, it is the magnificent magnetic force of mother-
earth that could affect both the mental and physical well-being of the occupants.

Contrary to some popular FengShui practices which place high emphasis on expensive ornaments and quick-fix miracle cures, authentic FengShui is an art that Nike Coupon Code 2014 requires precise judgment and interpretation to improve health, opportunities and avoid pitfalls. It must be stressed that FengShui is neither magical, superstitious nor a religious practice.


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