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Five Elements & the Producing/ Controlling Cycles
The commonly known “five elements? are called “Wu Xing?(五行) in Chinese. The two Chinese characters can be more accurately referred to in English as the ? Categories? These five are labeled as Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth.

? †††††? †?†?

In geomantic terms, they are not tangible substances, instead they represent the different type of Qi relationships. It describes the “cause and effect?relationship between each element.

The nature of their interaction with each group are described as “Productive?and “Controlling?cycles. The PRODUCTIVE cycle ( ) means to bring generate or create. While the CONTROLLING cycle
( ) means destroy, or control.





Flying Stars
In the practice of SanYuan FengShui, a house or an office is divided into nine quadrants or sectors with different sets of numbers through the Flying Star (FeiXing) combinations. The combination of these numbers determine the living cycle of health and wealth of the occupants. The numbers are determined based on the exact orientation of the house or building with a master’s FengShui LuoPan and has an accuracy of up to 0.9375 of a degree!

A FengShui evaluation of a place to live, sleep and work involves careful inspection and precise measurement of the magnetic direction where the occupants live or work (not the true North). This includes an external environmental analysis of the location with reference to the surrounding and critical important land-form and water features as this will significantly affect the wealth and health of the occupants. The exact ill or beneficial effects of such would further depend on the age, gender and the family hierarchy of the occupants. The good and bad effect could last for a complete 20 year cycle or more, depending on the exact orientation and when the occupant occupies the home or building. Attached is a typical flying-star sequence for Period 8.

Other consideration includes:
Yin-Yang Balance
Imprisonment of Wealth Star
FlyingStar Sequence (FuYing/FanYing)
Continuous Star Sequence (LianZu SanBanGua)
Water position (LingShen/ZhengShen)
Liu-Fa Application



Date Selection (Xuan Kong Da Gua, XKDG)

This technique is used for selecting auspicious dates for event
such as:

moving into a new house or building
to start renovation
activating water features
relocation of furniture
dates for burial or exhuming graves

The XKDG date selection is based on the lunar-solar calendar and is derived from the astronomical observations of the longitude of the sun and the phases of the moon. The Chinese refer to it as the “yin-yang li?

This starts with a good understanding of the ‘sitting?direction? of the house or building and accurately determine the correct ‘sitting?hexagram position with an accuracy of 5.625 degrees. There are a total of 64 hexagrams in the 360 degree Luo Pan. Each of which has an element and period number which are matched to the person to determine an auspicious date. This also involves fundamentals such as the use of HeTu diagram, the five element relationships and the early heaven BaGua. Other factors to consider and avoid includes SanSha (3 killings), Wu Huang (5 yellows) and the location of TaiSui and Sui-Po.

As each person is subject to the forces of both Heaven and the Earth, the most auspicious time and place is where these forces converge in the most positive manner. In summary, the triangular diagram attched illustrates the complete relationship between the Date, Sitting (Building orientation) and the Person, best described as:

DAY must match SITTING direction
DAY must match PERSON
SITTING direction must match PERSON



? ††††††?



** Take note that if the ‘sitting position?or the orientation reading is taken incorrectly, both the flying star analysis and the selected auspicious date through the XKDG method will be terribly wrong. This can result in serious consequences to the occupants of the house or building.

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