Q. Is FengShui for real or simply a superstition?
FengShui is neither a superstition, a religion nor fortune-telling. Rather, it is technically scientific which uses the direction of a compass to determine the earth’s natural forces (energy or Qi) and it’s qi movement to.....(click for full answer)

Q. What are the benefits of FengShui?
With the proper analysis and application, FengShui knowledge can bring about balance and harmony to the occupants. Below are some of the benefits of having good fengshui:.....(click for full answer)

Q. Do the use of BaGua or the usually expensive ornaments FengShui masters recommends really helps?
There are many types of “newly invented” FengShui theories these days which we termed ‘modern or contemporary’ FengShui masters. These ‘commercial’ masters may have low consultation charges but usually.....(click for full answer)

Q. How do I know if a FengShui Master is authetic?
There are many self-proclaimed FengShui masters, some are of dubious source where they do not even reveal from whom their true knowledge were acquired or from which authentic school of....(click for full answer)

Q. What is the commonly known “Five Element” Theory?
This is the backbone of all Chinese metaphysical studies, composing of Earth, Metal, Wood, Water and Fire. Each of these five elements can be characterized in term of its different attributes such as ....(click for full answer)

Q. Can I use a compass or land surveyor’s orientation provided indicated in the
brochure to determine direction?

The direction in which a compass needle points is known as magnetic north and in technical terms, it is not exactly the direction of the North as indicated in the architect’s drawing. Instead, the LuoPan....(click for full answer)

Q. What is Yin and Yang of FengShui and why must they be balanced?
YIN FengShui refers to the study of grave and burial sites and it represents the realm of death. Yin is also referred to darkness, feminity or negative energies. YANG represents the land of the living and refers to....(click for full answer)

Q. When and Why would I need advise on Burial or cremation related matters?
When your loved ones had just passed away or when relatives of the family-tree are experiencing stagnant or deteriorating encounters. The application of Yin FengShui gives peace to the dead and will safeguard the well-being and fortunes of descendants.

Q. Why is it necessary for a door to be tilted?
It is not always necessary that a door must be tilted to obtain good FengShui as it may already be in an ideal position based on the time element and the living occupants. Conceptually....(click for full answer)

Q. Why is selection of an auspicious date and time important?
Unlike some other school of FengShui, the key difference in SanYuan FengShui is the TIME element. There exists a relationship between Heaven, Earth and People. The ‘Heaven’ which....(click for full answer)

Q. How long will it take for good FengShui to take effect once the recommended changes are made?
Foremost, one must understand that not every optimal fengshui layout will achieve immediate results. Some improvement happens over time as the occupant continues to receive the good energy or....(click for full answer)



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